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Integrate Klegaito your Store

Enable your users to share their shopping carts, allowing someone else to make the payment.



Who can benefit from this integration

Learn how different types of users can benefit from this integration.


Can add your products to their wishlist and allow their followers to purchase them on their behalf.


Can easily pay for items for their loved ones.


Who want to shop but have limited access to their parents' bank.

How the partnership works

Our integration process is designed to quickly and easily connect your store.


Connect your store

Seamlessly integrate your Shopify store.


People purchase your products

They can either use our “Let someone else pay for you” or “Wishlist” feature, both allow someone else to pay for the product on their behalf.


You ship products directly to recipients

The order will automatically be passed to your Shopify dashboard for you to fulfill.

What Klegai brings you

Join us and unlock a new revenue stream for your brand.

Give your users a new way to checkout

Implement our feature "Let someone else pay for you" on your store so your users can have their products purchased on their behalf.

Feature your products on Klegai

On Klegai, users can add your products to their shoppable wishlists and allow others, such as followers, friends, and family, to purchase the items for them.

Make the purchasing process more convenient

Potentially increasing customer satisfaction and reducing cart abandonment rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about integrating Klegai into your store.

Ready to list your brand?

We'd love to hear about your brand and add your products to Klegai.

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